Sri Krishna Janmashtami Special: Wai Lana’s “Oh, My Sweet Lord” Music Video


Wai Lana offers a very inspiring perspective on something that is essential to each and every one of us—love. “One thing we all have in common is a deep longing to love and be loved. It is a part of our very being.

Throughout our lives, we try to satisfy this need by finding the perfect person to place our love on, who will love us unconditionally. But our search in this world for the perfect beloved is inevitably frustrated because, as the self-realized yoga masters all teach, it is only the Supreme Person who can fulfill this deep need we all have for love.” This simple but sublime truth is what lies behind the latest music video from Wai Lana, entitled “Oh, My Sweet Lord.”

One of the most influential yoga teachers of our time, Wai Lana is about to release her new music video, to coincide with the third annual International Day of Yoga. “The true meaning of yoga is really the bond, or union in love, with our Sweet Lord. All yoga practices are meant to lead one towards that highest goal. When we achieve that loving union, we have truly experienced yoga,” she says. “Yoga can’t be separated from the search for real happiness. Yoga’s ancient wisdom helps us find peace and happiness in all aspects of our lives, from how we see ourselves, to our relationships with others, to our relationship with the Supreme Soul. I am hoping that my latest song, “Oh, My Sweet Lord,” will be a reminder for all of us to cultivate that most special relationship.”

This is the third in a series of music videos produced and sung by Wai Lana. In 2015 and 2016, she released “Namaste” and “Alive Forever,” both of which deepened our understanding of what is the real goal of yoga. When Wai Lana read the feedback she received from “Namaste” and “Alive Forever,” she was moved by how thankful people were to receive the wisdom of yoga, and how it had touched their lives and hearts in a very real way. This, she says, is what motivated her to produce “Oh, My Sweet Lord,”.

Oh My Sweet Lord Video (Hindi Subtitles)

Oh My Sweet Lord Video (Tamil Subtitles)

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August 14, 2017 |
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