Shanmuga Gayatri Mantra Lyrics


Shanmuga Gayatri Mantra Lyrics with English Meaning. Shanmuga is another name of Lord Muruga, one of the most widely worshipped gods in South India. Shanmugha is known by many other names such as Karttikeya, Arumugam, Kumara, Subrahmanya and Swaminatha. Skanda devotees can chant the Gayatri mantram daily to obtain blessings from the god.

Shanmuga Gayatri Mantra Lyrics

Om Thatpurushaya Vidhmahe
Maha Senaya Dhimahi
Thannah Shanmukha Prachodhayath

English Meaning

OM Let us know That Supreme Being and meditate upon Him,
The Supreme General of the great Deva Army
Lord Shanmuga (Skanda),May He enlighten us and lead us to be One with Him


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Gayatri Mantras of Navagrahas


Gayatri Mantras of Navagrahas, the nine ruling planets in Hindu Astrology. Navagraha or the nine planets include Lord Surya, Lord Chandra, Mangala, Bhudha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. Each day of the week is associated with one of the Navagraha planet. Below are the Navagraha Gayatri mantras for each 9 Grahas.

Navagraha Gayatri Mantras

Surya Gayatri Mantra for Sunday

Om Ashwadhwaja Vidmahe
Pasa Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Soorya Prachodayath

Chandra Gayatri Mantra for Monday

Om Padmadwajaya Vidmahe
Hema Roopaya Dheemahi
Thanno Soma Prachodayath

Angaraka Gayatri Mantra for Tuesday

Om Veeradwajaya Vidmahe
Vighna Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Bhauma Prachodayath.

Budha Gayatri Mantra for Wednesday

Om Gajadwajaya Vidmahe
Shuka Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Budha Prachodayath

Guru Gayatri Mantra for Thursday

Om Vrishabhadwajaya Vidmahe
Ghrini Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Guru Prachodayath

Shukra Gayatri Mantra for Friday

Om Ashwadwajaya Vidmahe
Dhanur Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Shukra Prachodayath

Shani Gayatri Mantra for Saturday

Om Kakadwajaya Vidmahe
Khadga Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Manda Prachodayath.

Rahu Gayatri Mantra

Om Nagadwajaya Vidmahe
Padma Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Rahu Prachodayath

Ketu Gayatri Mantra

Om Ashwadwajaya Vidmahe
Shoola Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Ketu Prachodayath



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Shani Gayatri Mantra Malayalam Lyrics


Shani Gayatri Mantra Malayalam Lyrics ശനി ഗായത്രി മന്ത്രം is the prayer of Lord Shani Dev. Below is the lyrics of Shanidev Gayatri in Malayalam.

ഓം ശനൈശ്ച്ചരായ വിദ്മഹേ
ഛായാപുത്രായ ധീമഹീ
തന്നോ മംദ: പ്രചോദയാത്


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Surya Gayatri Mantra Hindi Lyrics


Surya Gayatri Mantra Hindi Lyrics. Also known as Aditya Gayatri, this is the prayer addressed to the Sun God. Lord Surya is the provider of health and wealth, hence worshiping Lord Surya by chanting Surya Gayatri mantra daily will help to obtain the energy and health, which reluctantly leads to money and prosperity.

सूर्य गायत्री मंत्र

ऊँ आदित्याय विदमहे
दिवाकराय धीमहि
तन्न: सूर्य: प्रचोदयात


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Shani Gayatri Mantra


Shani Gayatri Mantra is the Gayathri mantram of Lord Shani, one of the powerful Navagraha planets in Hinduism. Praying to Shanidev by chanting Shani Gayatri Mantra will help to nullify the negative effects of Shani in horoscope.

Shani Gayatri Mantra

Om Shanaischaraya Vidmahe
Sooryaputraya Dhimahi
Tanno Manda Prachodayat


February 1, 2014 |

Mantra To Get Child


Mantra To Get Child. Goddess Mantra to get Pregnant and conceive a baby. Garbarakshambikai mantra is a powerful sloka to be recited daily for those who have infertility problems and others who are trying to conceive.

Garbarakshambigai Sloka Lyrics

Aum Garbarakshambigaayai Cha Vidhmahe
Mangala Dhevadhaayai Cha Dhimahi
Thanno Devi Prachodayat

The above Gayatri mantra of Goddess Garbarakshambigai should be chanted daily in the morning for a minimum of 21 times. If possible chant the mantra 108 times to invoke the goddess for a healthy child.


Pregnancy Mantra Hindi Lyrics


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Narayana Gayatri Mantra Lyrics


Narayana Gayatri Mantra Lyrics with English meaning and benefits. The best time to chant Narayana Gayathri is on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Ekadasi thithi. Devotees should chant a minimum of 11 times. For better results chant 108 times or 1008 times.

Narayana Gayathri Lyrics

Om Narayanaya Vidhmahe
Vasudevaya Dheemahe
Thanno Vishnu Prachodayath

Om, Let me meditate on Lord Narayana,
Oh, Lord Vasudeva, give me higher intellect,
And let Lord Vishnu illuminate my mind

Benefits of Chanting

Worshiping Lord Narayana by regularly chanting Narayana Gayatri Mantra helps to improve relationship among friends and family. The mantra also helps to obtain good fame and fortune.


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Hindu Mantra to Destroy Enemies


Hindu Mantra to Ward off Evil Spirits Enemies. Lord Narasimha Gayatri Mantra helps to destroy enemies and also ward off any evil spirits. Below is the lyrics of Nrisimha Gayatri Mantra

Om Vajranaghaya Vidmahe
Tiksnadamstraya Dhimahi
Tanno Narasimhah Pracodayat

How to chant

Start chanting Narasimha Gayatri on one Thursday. To get good benefits chant the gayatri for at least 108 times. If you can pray the mantra in front of Lord Narasimha picture or in your nearest Lord Narsimha Temple, it will yield more benefits.

narasimha gayatri mantra destroy enemies

January 15, 2014 |

Tulasi Gayatri Mantra


Tulasi Gayatri Mantra Lyrics and English meaning. Thulasi plant is regarded as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi Devi and hence very sacred among Hindus.

Tulasi Gayatri Mantra

Om Tulasi devyai cha Vidhmahe
Vishnu priyayai cha Dheemahe
Thanno Brindah Prachodayath

English Meaning 

Om, Let me meditate on the Goddess of Ocimum,
Oh, Goddess who is dear to Vishnu, give me higher intellect,
And let Brindha illuminate my mind.

(Brindha is another name for Thulasi plant)

tulasi gayatri mantra


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